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Miss America 2015 Contestants at Carmine's DC

Carmine's one of the best restaurants in Washington DC hosted all 53 Miss America contestants to discuss science, technology, engineering and math jobs. 


Video Transcription:

Today, 53 of America’s most beautiful and intelligent young women invaded the white house in capital hill. When the Miss America contestants came to Washington, science, technology, Engineering, and math or stem jobs are on the agenda. Tommy McFly caught up with the women for dinner and has his take on the ladies who will represent our region. 

There she is. Miss America or is it her or her, maybe her? 

I’m still working full time, I also cheer for the Washington Wizards. It’s where I was born, where I was raised, I represent young women… 

My platform is defined abilities is very near to my heart, having a sibling with [inaudible] 

I’ve been here for about a year and it’s the most beautiful sunsets…

Hold the phone. Miss DC isn’t from Washington? 

So, I think it’s very well known that DC has a lot of transient residents. Not everyone here is from the district. 

She’s not wrong. According to the US Census Bureau, we’ve added nearly 50,000 new residents since 2010. 

Education is very important to us and we’ve talked about this a great deal.

For many of these ladies, you’ll see those stem jobs and scholarships taking a front seat this year. 

What’s your really quick advice to a little girl who may be watching with their family? 

Think outside the box of what stem is and that’s something I really learned this year.

You know, over the past 4 years, I’ve gained over $45,000 to help pay off to college…

What if we award 45 million dollars each year to young women across the country? 

Who’s going to become Miss America on the 14th? 


One of these ladies will. abc 7 on September 14 live in Atlantic City at Carmine’s in The quarter, Tommy McFly, abc 7 News. 

Lots of sparkle in that room. To see any of Tommy’s stories, just go to and if you have a story that you think Tommy needs to know about, all you gotta so is send him a tweet. And that’s it for abc 7 News at 5.

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