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Carmines Vegas on Fox 5

Carmine’s just opened a new location in Las Vegas at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace which offers Italian food delivery and catering for any Las Vegas party or corporate event. 


Video Transcription:

It's legendary in New York City and now the best family style Italian restaurant is in Vegas, the perform shop, it’s at Caesar’s and More’s, Maria Silva takes us inside Carmine’s. 

Maria: Muncha. This is my kind of place. It chunks the portion sizes family style and of course, I had to get my little bib on here to start eating all of this and here to tell us all about this wonderful new restaurant is Chef Glenn.

Glenn: So, we start here with Spaghetti meatballs which is one of our staples here, very popular…

Maria: This never goes out of style.

Glenn: No, it never does. One of the best sellers here and we have plenty of fish options as well. We have on the menu the salmon reganoni here which is a 22-ounce center cut piece of salmon.

Maria: I’m sure they say you eat with your eyes first, that one is what’s coming out.

Glenn: [inaudible] one of my favorites here. We bread our egg plant. We actually just do an egg bat around that egg plant so, it’s a little . My favorite one on the menu, this is a stake , it’s a quarter ounce stake. Our bread, we make our attaches here on premise.

Maria: So then, you have your wonderful cookbook. Let’s say somebody wants to duplicate this at home, they can do it. 

Glenn: Yeah. We have some great recipes in there, over a hundred recipes.

Carmine’s not only offers delicious food, the ambience is unlike anything you’ve seen in Vegas. At 27,000 sq.ft, it is the biggest restaurant in the city. 

Jeff: Carmine’s is very unique. It’s a family star restaurant, the terms turn around a lot but we use it in one same way, we’ve done Carmine’s for 23 years. Large abundant portions southern Italian cuisine. The size of the portions cooked to order with fresh food. The best part about it is the price and one of my entrees that feeds 4 people is the price of an entrée anywhere else. 

Jeffery Banks , CEO of Allcart restaurant group gave a support of Carmine’s and showed off their outside terrace with the street view. 

Maria: And then you have bigger plans for this area.

Jeff: Right. So, this will become like a chef’s table, we’ll do weddings out here, people can have the ceremony here and they do inside, we have 400 seats inside, it’s a nice little place for intimate wedding. We have a great bar, this is 40 foot high, nice , we own our own regions where house wine is not a wine with a label, it’s a phenomenal red house wine. You sit at our bar, we have great heroes and salads that are just tremendous great value and then a cute little modern technology even in the world’s 1930 retro place, we have a little hook for your purse and  then we have a USB port at every seat so you can charge your phone. We have a cute thing, there’s always leftovers here st Carmine’s, you can see the size of the portions. What we do is we pack up your left overs and then we check them in our cold check refrigerator. You then go shopping in the farm shops or you see Celine Dion’s, Rob Star, whatever’s going on, come back, pick up your food and go home. Really, it’s a great idea. 

Maria: So now, I’m done with my meatballs, yummyyy. Now, it’s time for dessert, I’m in heaven. Check this out. The titanic.

Glenn: Our titanic is pretty much the big boy here. That’s a huge ice cream with little cream, a little fruit on there, a little chocolate sauce on top, we have a fresh sandwich we make everyday, please come to Carmine’s, we’re here at Caesar’s shops, we’d love to see you here. 

Maria: Salute. 

Glenn: Salute. 

Well, that looked good.
Let me hear a little bit more about Carmine’s.

Oh my gosh. 

Carmine’s also offers a great glutton free menu including pastas and desserts.

You mean like the Titanic? And they also offer vegetarian options.

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