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Carmine's executive Chef Glenn Rolnick on Fox 5 Good Day Cafe

Carmine's executive Chef Glenn Rolnick prepared some of the most popular dishes at Carmine's Italian restaurant for Fox 5 Good Day Cafe. Carmine's is known as one of the best Italian restaurants in NYC serving all of your Italian favorites from lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs.


Video transcription

Speaker 1: Alright, I remember when Carmine’s first opened, everybody was dying to go there and now, Boy oh boy, they’re known all over the place they are known for their generous family-style dishes and fun atmosphere.

Speaker 2: And it’s been an Italian food staple right here in New York City, for now, almost 30 years. Joining us now, Executive Chef, Glen Rolnick, and he’s making the new perfect Spring dish at Carmine’s. welcome.

Speaker 3: Right. Welcome. Thank you, Laurie and Rosanna, thanks for having us here.

Speaker 2: So, what are you doing? What do you have on the menu?

Speaker 3: Today, we’re going to do, of course, we have our Spaghetti and Meatballs which is one of our signatures, today, we brought a pasta with red sauce and seafood, of course, we did eggplant pomegranate, we have our Carmine’s salad which is almost like an anti-past salad…

Speaker 1: Right. I love this salad.

Speaker 2: Oh yeah.

Speaker 3:  Yeah. It’s really pretty tasty.

Speaker 1:  By the way, I mean, you know, it’s great. Your portions are really…

Speaker 3: Enormous.

Speaker 1: … generous and…

Speaker 2:  Family style.

Speaker 1: … and you can definitely feed the family and sometimes, I feel really hungry but I could go for the whole salad by myself.

Speaker 2:  Right. Exactly. Yeah.

Speaker 3:   It’s a good meal.

Speaker 2: So, the one that we’re going to be preparing today is more for, it’s a little lighter.

Speaker 3: It’s definitely lighter, for sure.

Speaker 2:  … you’re not going to feel… as you’re trying to get that spring-time/summer body…

Speaker 3:   Yeah.

Speaker 2:  … this is perfect.

Speaker 3: Definitely a little more healthy, red sauce, of course, but we also have some nice vegetables in there.

Speaker 1: What are the ingredients we’re going to be doing?

Speaker 3:   So, we can do it pretty quick. So, we have olive oil here, let me just move that back a little bit. So, we heated up the pan, a little bit of pancetta, alright? We’re going to brown that up a little bit, we’re going to add onions…

Speaker 1: Red onions

Speaker 3:  Red onions, of course, a little bit more flavor. Nice hot pan, really important, then we’re going to add the garlic in.

Speaker 2: Then, you have the roasted garlic, awesome.

Speaker 3:  We use a lot garlic, absolutely. So, what we do is, actually, what we do with the Olive oil, we roast garlic in the olive oil for any of our garlic dishes that we want to have more flavor.

Speaker 2:  oh, it’ll have that flavor anyway.

Speaker 3:  Exactly. So, we take, at Carmine’s we take this garlic close and actually roast hem in the garlic so the flavor really has an intense flavor. So, any of your garlic oils, any of your flavorings that you do, you got a lot of extra garlic flavor in. so, we’re just going to brown that a little bit ok? We’re going to add in the roasted garlic, of course, that’s already slightly brown so, you’re not going to put that in for too long. Shallots we like to put in two stages. So, we put some now so it cooks in with a lot of flavor so, we have parsley and Basle

Speaker 1: You never really change the menu at Carmine’s, right? Because people are used to what they’re used to.

Speaker 3:  Exactly. At Carmine’s, if you change the menu, you’re going to have people calling you up on the phone and saying, “Chef, what did you do?”

Speaker 2: How long have you been there?

Speaker 3:  I’ve been at Carmine’s, in charge of all the culinary, for Speaker 1:  5 years.

Speaker 1:  Wow.

Speaker 2: Good for you. That’s a good one.

Speaker 3:  I love it

Speaker 1: How many restaurants do you have?

Speaker 3:  We have 6 Carmine locations, we have two in New York, of course, the original is Uptown then, we have Washington DC, Atlantic City, we have one in the Bahamas and we have one in…

Speaker 1: Where in the Bahamas?

Speaker 3: We’re at the Atlantis.

Speaker 1: Oh, the Atlantis.

Speaker 2: In the Marina.

Speaker 3:   Correct. And then, we definitely have one in Vegas which I enjoy going to visit.

Speaker 2:  Alright.

Speaker 1: Of course, you do.

Speaker 2:  What other ingredients do we have?

Speaker 3:  So, we have the herbs and a little bit of salt and pepper and we save them towards the end. So, we put a little salt and pepper in…

Speaker 2: And olives.

Speaker 3:  Ok? White wine.

Speaker 2:  Ok.

Speaker 3:  Of course, we use our Carmine’s Traviano ok? So, we put that in, we reduce it down a little bit, some tomatoes go in, the quality of the tomato makes this dish cook a lot quicker. So, we use…

Speaker 2:  And you want them whole?

Speaker 3:  We want them broken up a little bit. if you see in there, some are whole, some are broken up.

Speaker 2: Ok.

Speaker 3:   So, when you cook this, it only takes ten minutes. So, you have enough time to put the pasta

Speaker 1:   Right.

Speaker 3: So, while this is cooking, you’re cooking your pasta. I had to pre-cook it a little bit so, it’s out there, I’ll just drop it in a moment.


Speaker 3: Eggplant comes in later

Speaker 1: Don’t forget the eggplant.

Speaker 3:  Because if you cook that in too early, you lose it.

Speaker 2: It gets mushy.

Speaker 3: You just totally lose it.

Speaker 1: Right. Interesting, I love eggplants.

Speaker 3: Put some olives in ok?

Speaker 2: Podded Of course right?

Speaker 3:  Podded Of course. Alright. So, the eggplant, we don’t want to do that, the eggplant we cut in wedges, we actually roast this in a 400-degree oven. All we put on is oil, salt and pepper. You can put a little oregano and a little herb if you want but we just put a little salt and pepper in olive oil on there. So, we put that in, ok. We put a little bit of cheese,

Speaker 1:  Does it matter what pasta? I mean, you have Penne there.

Speaker 3:  We have Penne but you can use anything. What’s good is if you have something that’s a little smaller so that you take in spoons with the eggplant and with the cheese at the same time.

Speaker 2: Ok.

Speaker 3:  Alright? So, what we do is this, we get one of these out ok?

Speaker 2: Uh-huh.

Speaker 3:  We’re going to put the pasta in the water for just a minute again, we’d do it fresh normally

Speaker 2: Right

Speaker 3:  We’re going to finish it up with a little more herbs ok, a little Basle, little Parsley, at Carmine’s, you know, everything has flavor. A lot of garlic.

Speaker 2:  and everything’s so crisp.

Speaker 3:   Last thing, of course, we’re going to add in is the Mozzarella. So, we don’t want the Moss in there too long because we don’t want it melted it too much but we’re going to add it in kind of now.

Speaker 2:  that’s in cubes.

Speaker 3:  Yeah. We cut it in cubes so it melts very gently and slowly.

Speaker 2:  Ok.

Speaker 1:   So, Chef, you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to take a quick little break when we come back, you’ll have a plate and then, maybe Lauri and I can taste it?

Speaker 3: Oh, absolutely.

Speaker 2: How about that?

Speaker 3: Rosanna and Lauri, anytime.

Speaker 1: We have Chef Glen from Carmine’s, don’t go anywhere.

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