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Carmine's DC Chef Laurence Cohen Shows Off Some Summertime Cooking

Carmine’s Chef Laurence Cohen shows Annie Yu and Wisdom Martin from FOX5 in Washington, D.C. how to whip up delicious Country Style Rigatoni from our family-style Italian restaurant in Washington D.C.


 Video transcription:

Wisdom Martin: Alright, summertime is all about cooking out and enjoying yummy food but it doesn’t always have to be hamburgers and hotdogs.

Annie Yu: That’s right. Joining us this morning is Chef Lawrence Cohen from Carmine’s restaurant in Northwest DC with some very different summer recipes. Good morning to you. 

Wisdom Martin: Good morning to you, it’s good to see you.

Chef: Thank you so much for having me back. 

Annie Yu: There’s nothing like that potent garlic smell at 7:30 in the morning.

Chef: Well, that’s how I got you guys up in here. 

Wisdom Martin: That’s true. You see how we ran over here.

Annie Yu: So, what have you got cooking up here? 

Chef: So, at Carmine’s, we have a lot of great dishes and this one is , this is our country style rigatoni. This dish in our is actually known as a Peasant dish, it had everything for the family. You had your protein, you had your starch, you have your vegetable, it was a great way to really spend food together as a family like we like to have at Carmine’s, family style at a sit around table. 

Annie Yu: That’s what I love about Carmine’s because you can go in there with a family of four or six or just even a couple of dishes and everyone walks away full because the portions are ginormous. 

Wisdom Martin: It’s huge and sometimes, when I come down, I let my family eat some of those portions. Sometimes. Sometimes.

Annie Yu: It’s a wisdom mark culture. 

Chef: First thing we started, I already started the pan, we had our blend, we put some of our garlic in which you obviously smelled when you got here, give it some slices onions, carbonizing, we threw in some daisles, and we’re going through… next thing we’re going through is our beans which are drained and rinsed, those go in and I just get all that going around…

Wisdom Martin: How long? How long do you do this? 

Chef: We’re doing the onion for  2-3 minutes.

Wisdom Martin: Ok. 

Chef: And we just heat them through and then we’re going to come through with our chicken stalk, we’re gonna put that in…

Annie Yu: Chicken stalk, that’s a nice touch. .

Chef: And then of course, you know, our favorite butter, because butter is fat and fat, is flavor at Carmine’s restaurant. 

Wisdom Martin: I love fat.

Chef: We have all those going on and we’re just going to cook that, we’re going to melt that down and we’re going to ring this to a boil. And once it comes to a boil, then we’re going to incorporate our cheese, that’s actually imported from Italy, seasoned with salt and pepper and then we’ll file only our Tulsa at the end, which is a cured ham and then we’ll finish with our fresh broccoli and put  rigatoni init to our pasta. 

Annie Yu: That sounds heavenly. Now, this is obviously something that people can do from home, if they don’t necessarily have certain ingredients, can they substitute or is this pretty much a stable stuff? 

Chef: Well, they could substitute but a lot of these things, you can get at actually local grocery stores. Everything is actually ok season right now, you can get the Italian in your local deli as well. So, all these ingredient are available all year round and it allows you to really enjoy great food with the family and have a good time which you guys will actually taste. 

Wisdom Martin: Oh, sweet. Well, let’s get to it because my stomach’s already growling.

Chef: As we can see, it’s all come into a boil alright? And now, we can now add our pecarina cheese, all set in there for you.

Wisdom Martin: Now, I always wondered, how much, how do you know the amount that you’re… you’re a chef, you’re a professional but if you’re not… 

Annie Yu: They eyeball it, you know, they just eyeball it. 

Wisdom Martin: yeah, I know, the professional ’s eyeball but if you’re not a professional like me? 

Chef: Well, you know, we actually do a portion grab test. We’re on a line and we’re cooking and we have latels and scoops, we have an A down of making consistent A gown school of making it consistent because when you guys go to Carmine’s in New York, we want to make sure that they get the same food when they come to Carmine’s Washington DC. Alright? And then we have our, if you actually want to help me with that pasta, throw in right there. 

Wisdom Martin: I’ll throw it in here? 

Chef: Absolutely.

Wisdom Martin: I’ll let you do that. Just pour it in there? Put it right in there? 

Annie Yu: Doesn’t matter if they’re big or they’re small? 

Chef: In the basket, perfectly, I’ll actually help you stir it. 

Wisdom Martin: We lost a couple in there.

Chef: That’s ok.

Wisdom Martin: Alright. 

Chef: Perfect. 

Wisdom Martin: Alright. 

Chef: Alright, we’re going to stir that around, we’re going to throw the Tulsa in our broccoli…

Wisdom Martin: And what’s this? 

Chef: This is salt and pepper that I’m now going to season with a little salt and pepper, put it in there and stir alright? 

Wisdom Martin: Alright. 

Chef: We got our pasta, make sure you drain it…

Wisdom Martin: Drain the pasta.

Chef: because you don’t want to have all that water go and dissipate the flavor of the sauce that we worked so hard to make.

Wisdom Martin: Yeah. That’s a mistake that I often make in the kitchen. 

Annie Yu: Oh please, you don’t cook.

Wisdom Martin: What? 

Annie Yu: I’m just kidding.

Wisdom Martin: Chef Ryan over here. 

Chef: And now, I toss but we don’t want to make a big mess of everything so we just, gently just and we’re just going to gently put it into this bowl right here, you can see the sauce is thickened.

Wisdom Martin: Oh yeah. Now, how long did that whole process take? 

Chef: Well, it… I had already started, I already chilled a little bit with the onion and garlic so, from start to finish, you should definitely have it within ten minutes.

Wisdom Martin: Ok. Ten minutes. It’s Ok. 

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